Anneke Lucas: Yoga in Correctional Facilities Is All About The Love

Executive Directive Rob Schware talks with Anneke Lucas for The Huffington Post Blog about what inspired her to become a Prison Yoga Project Director for the New York area, and how karma yoga has helped her understand more about sharing and receiving love.

“I am a sex-traffic survivor, and was exposed to extreme violence as a child. My inspiration comes from James Fox, founder of the Prison Yoga Project, and I’m motivated by a desire to share yoga and meditation, because the practice benefited me in my own healing process. My journey continues as I share the practice with the prison population, and share the love and understanding that I’ve received along the way. That love is reflected back to me in a powerful way. I thought I came to help others, and find that I am helped each time I teach.”

– Prison Yoga Project’s New York director, Anneke Lucas, who teaches inmates at MDC Brooklyn, Riker’s Island Rose Singer Center and Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

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Pictured: Anneke Lucas, left, and Prison Yoga Project founder James Fox, right.