Andrea MacDonald: Bridging the Worlds of Yoga and Social Activism

In a new installment of our yoga service series on The Huffington Post Blog, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with teacher Andrea MacDonald about how the worlds of yoga service and social activism can overlap – and how studios can mindfully expand their definition of community.

“The deeper I go into my practice the more I open myself to my capacity to feel–to fully exist in my body as a sensing organism. When I stand in a forest that was clear-cut or think about factory farming I can feel in my body the disconnect between humanity and the earth, the disconnect between myself and the living beings around me. The practice then can become about reconnecting. I believe that’s why yoga is so powerful in healing trauma – because of its capacity to reconnect.”

– Yoga teacher and social activist Andrea MacDonald, founder of Community Yoga Vancouver

To hear Andrea’s thoughts on how yoga service can grow stronger by shifting the focus towards community building, read her full interview on The Huffington Post Blog.


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