Donate funds from your 108 event.

All contributions through Give Back Yoga’s 108 Studio Partner Program are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

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Submit your funds: Use this donation module to submit money raised through a 108 donation class or community fundraiser to support Give Back Yoga. Please reference the name of your studio and the program you are supporting in the “Order Notes” field at checkout to ensure that we properly earmark your funds and credit your annual donation statement. Thank you for giving back from the mat!

Your donation counts

$5 can fund a free practice guide for a veteran with PTSD
$10 can provide materials to someone recovering from an eating disorder
$50 can introduce yoga to a new prison through the gift of a practice DVD
$200 can bring a month of yoga classes to an urban addiction treatment center
$500 can sponsor two Palestinian teachers to attend trauma-sensitive yoga training

The impact

Annie Freedom

“At a time in human history when there is a tremendous amount of chaos, Give Back Yoga supports growth, healing and harmony for all of society. I am happy and grateful to have my yoga studio community give back as a whole while benefitting on so many levels from the 108 Studio collaboration with Give Back Yoga Foundation.”

Annie Freedom Founder of Samadhi Center for Yoga
J.L. Pizarro

“As a combat medic veteran with chronic PTSD, Mindful Yoga Therapy has been a godsend to me. Both the Embodyoga® and Yoga Nidra portions of it have had profound effects on my well being. As a result, I want to pay it forward and teach it to other combat vets. This works…I’m proof of it.”

J.L. PizarroMindful Yoga Therapy Participant

“Yoga helped me come out of a dark place with myself. I feel privileged to have learned about yoga and myself. I try to practice the 8 Limbs in my life every day, and remember to love myself so that I may love others and do no harm.’”

J.G.Prison Yoga Project Participant

“This weekend helped me find a community in which I can both receive support, and support others in healing. Shame about my disordered eating has kept me isolated for far too long. I’m grateful to say that some of the shadows that I had not yet allowed into the light have emerged.”

HollyEat Breathe Thrive Participant