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James Fox Leads Yoga For Prisoners

"Untangle" podcast interview with Prison Yoga Project founder James Fox

Gaiam's Untangle meditation podcast features real people…
Bring Yoga to our Military

Memorial Day Campaign: Yoga For Our Military

Join us in bringing Yoga Readiness Kits to 10,000 service…
Josefin Wikstrom
Yoga on front lawn of Smyth

Lynne Boucher: Yoga Service within a College Community

I first met Lynne Boucher in 2014 at the Yoga Service…
Aidee Chaves Fescas Douglas

Aidee Chavez Frescas Douglas: Community Yoga for Positive Change

This is an interview with Aidee Chavez Frescas Douglas,…
Samara Andrade

Samara Andrade: How We Serve UN Workers And International Aid Communities

This is an interview with Samara Andrade, who recently returned…
John Gillard
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John Gillard: Combat Veterans Giving Back

This is an interview with John Gillard, who explored…
MYT for Post Traumatic Stress
Michael Lear
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Michael Lear: Expanding the Practice of Yoga and Mindfulness to Prisons

This is an interview with Michael Lear, whom I met at the…
Prison Yoga Project - Women's YTT

Launching a Yoga Teacher Training in Prison: Empowering Women Through Yoga

This past Friday night, 18 women and one life-sized plastic skeleton…

Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas: Witnessing The Positive Impact Of Yoga For Veterans

This is an interview with Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, a Marine…
Jennifer Wright - Mindful Yoga Therapy Teacher

Jennifer Wright: Bringing Yoga to Veterans Treatment Court

This is an interview with Jennifer Wright, who offers Mindful…
Jill Weiss Ippolito - UpRising Yoga
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Jill Weiss Ippolito: How We Serve Incarcerated Youth

This is an interview with Jill Weiss Ippolito, who is the founder/director…
Best practices 2
Dana Walters

Dana Walters: Making Yoga Accessible To All

This is an interview with Dana Walters, co-founder of Project…

Caitlin Lanier: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Assault

This is an interview with Caitlin Lanier, who has pioneered several…
Elizabeth Carling
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Elizabeth Carling: Why Teach Yoga and Mindfulness in Prison?

This is an interview with Elizabeth Carling, who offers a free…
Liz Corwin

"Compassion in action": the stories behind our yoga mat grant program

by Christine Moore Mat Grant Coordinator Give Back Yoga…
Mindful Yoga Therapy
One Million Faces

One Million Faces: Remixing Resiliency with YJ Live in Estes Park

Join in community with Give Back Yoga Foundation and One Million…

Looking Back on 9/11: Beryl Bender Birch & Yoga for Post-Traumatic Stress

On September 11, 2001, Give Back Yoga co-founder Beryl Bender…
Dr. Robert Scott

Dr. Robert Scott: Yoga for First Responders

This is an interview with Dr. Robert Scott, a licensed psychologist…