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Kate Rice

Kate Rice: How We Serve Our Communities

This is an interview with Kate Rice, a Chicago-based yoga…

Damaris Maria Grossmann: From Battle Warrior To Peaceful Warrior

This is an interview with Damaris Maria Grossmann, a…

Terri Cooper: Connection is the Cure

This is an interview with Terri Cooper, who told me that…

Cat Lauer: How We Serve Those In Recovery

I recently met Cat Lauer at the Hanuman Yoga Festival…
Trina Wyatt

Trina Wyatt: Striving Towards A Healthier Planet

This is an interview with Trina Wyatt, founder of an online…
airport yoga

Kyla Pearce: Traumatic Brain Injury Healing Through Yoga

This is an interview with Kyla Pearce, who has been teaching…

Ann Marie Johnston: One Yogi’s Attempt to Make Yoga Accessible to All

This is an interview with Ann Marie Johnston. When I first arranged…
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Cody Founder Paul Javid: Building a Yoga Community Online

This is an interview with Paul Javid, former Microsoft product…
On the Election by Beryl Bender Birch

Doing the Work After Trump's Election: Beryl Bender Birch Issues a Call to Yogis

When times are difficult, fearful, uncertain, and encouraging…
Meditation with Pamela Stokes
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Does Meditation Among Veterans Really Work?

By Pamela Stokes Eggleston, Meditation Teacher for the Veterans…

Jodi Weiner: Showing Up For At-Risk Youth

This is an interview with Jodi Weiner, Executive Director for…
Adaptive Yoga with Christine Moore

Christine Moore: Sharing Adaptive Yoga

This is an interview with Christine Moore, who attended…

YogaReach: Yoga For People Affected With Parkinson’s Disease

This is an interview with Char Grossman, a Therapeutic Yoga Movement…

Melissa Jhunja: Yoga for Healing, Recovery & Living

This is an interview with Melissa Jhunja who, as a social worker…

Rebecca Bedford: Serving Immigrants In Prenatal Classes

This is an interview with Rebecca Bedford, whose first yoga…
Nikki Myers

"Untangle" podcast interview with Y12SR founder Nikki Myers

Gaiam's Untangle meditation podcast features real people…

Introducing our newest program: yoga4cancer

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with a…