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James Fox – Prison Yoga Project
Multiple grants for the printing and distribution of “Yoga: A Path for Healing and Recovery,” a do-it-yourself manual of yoga and meditation practices based on more than a decade of experience in teaching yoga to incarcerated youth and adults in the Bay Area. Written specifically for incarcerated offenders who wish to change their approach to life, the book is offered to this population free of charge.

Robin Carnes
Project at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC,  where she is serving members of the Warrior Transition Brigade with yoga, and iRest yoga nidra.

Mike Gundlach – Street Yoga
Volunteer-to teach youth at the Cordero Residential Program serving boys ages 14 to 19 who are in need of individual, group and family counseling as the result of sexual abuse.

April Gagne
Serving children with cancer and their siblings at Camp Happy Days in a remote part of Charleston, South Carolina.

Jaime Hedlund
Yoga classes for girls at the Morrison Family Sexual Abuse Treatment Program in Portland, Ore.

Roxanne Thomas
Incorporating journaling to help women at the Salvation Army West Women and Children’s Shelter in Portland, Ore. process and articulate their yoga experience and connect them with the emotions and events in their lives.

Cybele Steen
Providing weekly yoga classes at the Wellspring for Women residential program in Duluth, Georgia.

Holly McDevitt
Bringing yoga to children from lower-income families through “Children Creating Bridges,” a local daycare center in West Chester, PA.

Africa Yoga Project
Teaching yoga and other forms of movement to street children and youth in Kenya.

Char Grossman
Supporting volunteers at the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure walk in Cleveland, OH.

Laurie Bonomo
Picking up boxes of donated produce from supermarkets for the nutrition programs at the local Senior Centers in two upstate New York towns.

Karen Miscall-Bannon
Serving pregnant women at the Chicopee Jail in Chicopee, MA; and sharing yoga with teens at the El Dorado County juvenile detention facility.

Veterans Administration Connecticut Healthcare, Complementary Therapies Program, PTSD Clinic
For yoga accessories to do yoga therapy for four groups of Veterans, men, women, Iraq/Afghanistan, and PTSD Rehab. and the Prevention Works program in Washington DC,
Offering yoga and meditation classes for people who are both recovering from addiction and current drug users.

Jo Kirsch and the Adaptive Sports Foundation
Serving people with cognitive and physical disabilities and chronic illnesses.

A family services center for people with development disabilities, Plainville, CT, to support a new beginners yoga initiative for adults with disabilities.

Lex Fry
To provide ongoing prenatal yoga instruction underprivileged women at all stages of pregnancy at the Families Shine Center in Chestertown, MD.

Pleasance Lowengard
providing yoga for single mothers at the Family Leadership School in Kensington, MD.

Kath Meadows
Teaching weekly yoga classes to inacarcerated women at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.

Carol Mermey
Teaching yoga at the City of Takoma Park, MD’s Senior Yoga Program.

Karen Soltes
To produce and distribute an audio CD of iRest Yoga Nidra specifically designed for Veterans and Active Duty Military Service Members, Washington, DC.

Daniel Hickman
For VetsYoga, an introductory yoga dvd for vets, featuring interviews with vets who have found yoga to be essential for their healing process, in addition to easy-to-follow practice sessions for beginners.

Elise Arnold
Teaching weekly yoga classes at Philadelphia’s FIGHT’s Institute for Community Justice.

The Calipatria State Prison in California
For a weekly yoga class serving the incarcerated.

Mark Lerro
For yoga accessories to do yoga and breath-work at the Leprosarium outside Kharare, a village south of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit
For prenatal yoga classes at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, a maximum security facility for women in New York.

LIVe program
Serving diabetic Veterans at the Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)—for yoga accessories.

Darcie Burgoyne
Outreach yoga classes to special needs individuals and women with weight issues—people who tend to stay away from yoga studios, Oak Harbor, WA.

Cathy Foley
For yoga nidra classes at the Springfield Vet Center, MA, serving Veterans, National Guard Reservists, and Army Reservists.

Anna Schott
Providing yoga with mental health therapy services to individuals on Medicaid and/or on disability at the Woodlands Service Central, Newark, OH.

Amy Vaughn
For weekly chair and restorative yoga at the Comfort Zone Wellness and Recovery Center, a drop-in center for the mentally ill and recovering addicts.

There & Back Again
For yoga nidra classes with MA National Guard pre-deploying to help them have some tools provided by yoga/meditation prior to going into a combat theatre.

Exalted Warrior Foundation
With CDs for Yoga nidra evening classes of active duty wounded warriors and the Semper Fi Odyssey reintegration camp participants.

Semper Fidelis
Yoga supplies and meditation CDs for the Warrior Wellness Program serving over 1,000 wounded warriors.

Juan Flores
And his group, Positively In Sync, in Colorado Springs, CO, providing yoga classes for men living with HIV/AIDS.

Sarah Lewis – Yoga For Uniforms
Offering a comprehensive yoga program to help police officers deal with daily high-stress situations.

Deborah Perisho
Bringing yoga to the incarcerated population at Bucks County Detention Center and Bucks County Correctional Facility, PA.

Tabitha Farrar
Serving victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking survivors.

Noreen Reilly
Providing weekly yoga classes for older veterans at the West Haven VA Hospital in CT.

Grounded for Good
Yoga supplies for homeless youth at the Covenant House in Atlanta, GA.

Farashe Yoga Center
Bringing community yoga programs to Palestinians living with the daily stress of military occupation.

Karyn Robinson
Offering weekly yoga classes through the Veteran Services Office at the University of Colorado-Boulder campus.

Misty Curreli
Providing weekly yoga classes through the VIBS Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center in Suffolk County, NY.

Traci Lundstrom
Working with the Boulder County Jail to provide yoga classes to women released from incarceration.

Conscious Community Yoga
For yoga supplies at the Gila River (Thwajik Ke) Residential Treatment Center in Arizona for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Armor Down & Weloo Parks
Helping veterans to sleep better by giving them easy access to guided meditation tracks through their smartphones.

Neurosculpting Institute, Armor Down & Weloo Parks
Giving law enforcement officers easy access to guided meditation tracks through their smartphones.

Seema Shah
Props for a weekly yoga class offered through the Yap Sports Council on the island of Micronesia.

Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans
Establishing yoga programs for veterans at VA facilities and universities, and training teachers to work in trauma recovery.

Prison Yoga Project – New York
A matching grant to support volunteer instructors who are bringing yoga to incarcerated adults and youth in the New York City area.

Niroga Institute
A $40,000 grant to create free video and mobile applications to share the Transformative Life Skills curriculum with educators, mental health professionals and violence prevention officials who work with at-risk youth; and a $10,000 matching grant to bring TLS to educators and other professionals working with children in the West Bank.

Kath Meadows
For publication and distribution of the book Prison Yoga – A Woman’s Practice: Healing From the Heart.

The Wellness Initiative
A $1,200 grant through our Community Initiative program to support yoga classes that serve low-income students.

Glenda Trujillo
To bring yoga classes to young pregnant women and single mothers in need at Regina Maternity Services of Catholic Charities in Merrick, NY.

Brittany Bouffard
To bring a trauma-sensitive yoga program to The Spafford Children’s Center, serving vulnerable and disadvantaged families in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department
Props for yoga classes that serve volunteer firefighters and their families.

Jennifer Wright
To support the integration of Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans protocol into the clinical treatment plan for homeless veterans served through Joseph House in Cincinnati, OH.

Pamela Wheelock
To support free weekly therapeutic yoga classes for veterans, active duty service members, first responders and families at Long Beach VFW Post 1384, helping community members to cope with post-traumatic stress related to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Gail Duval
To support free weekly classes for staff and volunteers at Home Health & Hospice Care in southern NH, offering those who serve individuals with serious illnesses the opportunity for self-care and wellness.

Marsha Lockom
To support free weekly adaptive yoga classes for any military service member, veteran, or Blue Star or Gold Star family member that has suffered the death of a military service member at My Warrior’s Place Retreat Center.

Frank Bania
To support a yoga classes for veterans taught by Toni Ann Riedel at Boots on the Ground NY, a regional non-profit based in Ronkonkoma.

Kandie Ibarra
To support a beginner’s yoga classes for active duty Air Force members deployed at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center
To support a new Yoga for Warriors program that enables veterans with pain and mental health problems to engage in a yoga practice.

Susann Spilkin
To launch new Prison Yoga Project classes at DoC facilities in rural Colorado, including a trauma-sensitive yoga program at Fremont Correctional Facility for men in Cañon City.

Martha Kirkman
To launch new Prison Yoga Project classes at DoC facilities in rural Colorado, including a trauma-sensitive yoga program at Fremont Correctional Facility for men in Cañon City.

The Headstrong Project
To support weekly yoga classes for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans at the Midtown Center for Treatment and Research in New York City.

Brittany Groat
To support twice-daily yoga and meditation sessions for students at New Horizons, an alternative high school for mindfulness in New Haven, CT.

Olivia Kvitne/Yoga for First Responders
To launch yoga programs at the police academy and local fire department in Des Moines, IA.

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clinic at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center
To support the launch of a new twice-weekly yoga class designed to help veterans with pain to increase their quality of life.

Char Grossman/YogaReach
To support Parkinson’s disease clients at InMotion in Northeast Ohio to develop physical, emotional and mental skills through yoga.

Endorsements From Partners & Students

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